PTA Council

PTA Council

Warwick Valley Central School District PTA Council


To make every child’s potential a reality, by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

The Warwick Valley Central School District’s PTA Council is the umbrella organization of the District’s four Parent Teacher Associations. The PTA Council also serves as the direct liaison and communication link to the New York State PTA (NYSPTA) — the premier association for parent involvement and advocacy for all children — and the Central Hudson Regional PTA.

The PTA Council strives to maintain a close relationship with each PTA school unit through open communication, bi-monthly leadership meetings, and paying annual dues that support Council programs and awards.

Every child deserves excellence in education and in quality of life. Our PTA Council provides events, programs, workshops, leadership development, general information and more, in the spirit of promoting parent-teacher partnerships in the school district and wider community.


Pine Island Elementary School will be supported by the PTAs of both Sanfordville Elementary and Park Avenue Schools. To become involved with your child’s PTA, or if you have PTA-related questions, please contact the PTA representatives at the elementary school your child would attend during a typical school year – Park Avenue or Sanfordville.


The PTA Council has the honor of providing two annual scholarships to high school seniors in the amount of $500 each. Based on community service, these scholarships were started as a dedication to Warwick community members who perished on September 11, 2001.


We invite you to connect with one of our four PTAs any time with questions, suggestions, or to get involved. We are always looking for fresh perspectives and dedicated volunteers!

Pine Island Elementary School will be supported by both Sanfordville Elementary and Park Avenue Schools. Please connect with the school to which you would normally be assigned.