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Contact Our Schools

Park Avenue Elementary

Phone: 845-987-3170

Vasilios Biniaris

845-987-3170, Ext. 14500

Attendance Office
845-987-3170, Ext. 14507

Janet Van Duzer, School Nurse
845-987-3170, Ext. 14700

Sanfordville Elementary

Phone: 845-987-3300
Fax: 845-986-7287

Johnna Maraia

845-987-3300, Ext. 13510

Attendance Office
845-987-3300, Ext. 13507

Creslyn Driscoll
School Nurse

845-987-3300, Ext. 13700

Pine Island Elementary

Phone: 845-987-8275

Dr. Marijane Reinhard
Acting Principal

Warwick Valley Middle School

Phone: 845-987-3100
Fax: 845-986-6942

Georgianna Diopoulos

845-987-3100, Ext. 16511

Chris Radon
Secondary Associate Principal

845-987-3100, Ext. 16521

Jared Yapkowitz
Secondary Associate Principal

845-987-3100, Ext. 16520

Attendance Office
845-987-3100, Ext. 16507

Michelle Manelis
School Nurse

845-987-3300, Ext. 16700

Warwick Valley High School

Phone: 845-987-3050
Fax: 845-987-2061

Marguerite Fusco

845-987-3050, Ext. 12510

Khris Arvanites
Secondary Associate Principal

845-987-3050, Ext. 12520

Stephen Sweeney
Secondary Associate Principal

845-987-3050, Ext. 12504

Attendance Office
845-987-3050, Ext. 12507

Erin Granata, Jeanne Podeszwa
School Nurses

845-987-3050, Ext. 12700

Communications Office