From Kindergarten through their senior year, our students interact with our district’s team of guidance and counseling personnel for support and to grow and learn in new and positive ways beyond the classroom.

In the elementary schools, our aim is to help all students reach their academic, career, personal, and social/emotional potential beyond the elementary school years. At the middle school, our guidance counselors work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and other professionals in order to guarantee a successful middle school experience for our students and ensure success in academic, social/emotional, behavioral and personal development. At the high school, our counselors help students navigate the day-to-day challenges of high school and help them plan their education and future.


Our Guidance Counselors


Jeanette Myrick

School Counselor
Park Avenue Elementary School
845-987-3170 ext. 14645

Elissa Morabito

School Pychologist
Park Avenue Elementary School
845-987-3170, ext. 14640

Grace Geysen

School Counselor
Sanfordville Elementary School
845-987-3300, ext. 13600

Amanda Calabrese

School Psychologist
Sanfordville Elementary School
845-987-3300, ext. 13640

Margaret Wright
Grade 6
5/6 Orange (Graven, Kirschke)
5 Blue (Putnam, Davis)

Lauren Ogden
Grade 8
5 Purple (Mitchell, Piascik)
5 Yellow (O’Conner, Ferraro)

William Menkens
Grade 7
5 Green (Garby, O’Donnell)
5 Red (Thomson, McGovern)

Mary Fox

Director of Counseling
Gr. 9: U-Z; Gr. 10:U-Z; Gr. 11:U-Z; Gr. 12:U-Z
845-987-3050, Ext. 12601

Colleen Amideneau
Gr. 9: M-P; Gr. 10:Mim-Riz; Gr. 11:Mim-Riz; Gr. 12:McC-Q

Michael Careccia
Gr. 9:A-C Gr. 10:A-Day; Gr. 11:A-Day; Gr. 12:A-Day

Danielle DeStaso
Gr. 9: Q-T; Gr. 10: Rj-T; Gr. 11: Rj-T; Gr. 12: R-T

Julie Sekelsky
Gr. 9:H-L; Gr. 10:K-Mil; Gr. 11:K-Mil; Gr. 12:Hay-McB

Serena Sze
Gr. 9: D-G; Gr. 10: Daz-J; Gr. 11: Daz-J; Gr. 12:Daz-Har


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)