Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

The Warwick Valley Central School District believes that students require meaningful, technology-rich experiences that prepare them for success in the existing global workplace and beyond. Creativity, collaboration, problem-solving and ethical cyber-citizenship are skill sets that support our efforts to ensure that student learning is related to the real world, and that students are prepared to be literate with their research and information analysis, use media purposefully and ethically, and communicate effectively around the globe.

The technology department works to create and maintain an environment of district-wide networked computers and related technologies in all classrooms and offices, providing efficient student and staff access to computers and putting teachers in a position to manage integration of technology into curriculum and instruction.

Our commitment is to provide the best technology-based resources to support our faculty in their efforts to help our students meet their academic goals. Our dedicated staff is highly skilled and experienced in leveraging cost-effective, cutting-edge technological resources in order to put the school district on a path to meet the challenges of an ever-changing technological world. We invite you to visit our webpages for up-to-date information, useful internet links and frequently asked questions.

Parents and guardians have the right to terminate their student’s access to electronic tools and resources by signing an Opt-Out Form, which is available by contacting the main office of your student’s school. 

If you would like to learn more about the District’s instructional technology and the privacy policy of its partner vendors, please click here

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Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, Technology, and Data
Warwick Valley Central School District
James Yap

Instructional Technology Facilitator
Sanfordville Elementary School

Brittni Troy

Instructional Technology Facilitator
Park Avenue Elementary School
Amanda Melican

Instructional Technology Facilitator
Warwick Valley High School
Warwick Valley Middle School
Yvonne Koulikov




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