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Health and Attendance

Immunization Requirements

Students entering grade 7 and grade 12 must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease and have an up-to-date immunization record. Click here for a list immunization requirements by grade level. 

Religious exemptions removed from vaccination law

With the worst outbreak of measles in more than 25 years taking place in the United States and outbreaks in New York state primarily driving the crisis, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on June 13, 2019, signed a bill into law that immediately removed the religious exemption for school vaccination requirements.

Per the amendment to Public Health Law Section 2164, children who attend child daycare or public, private or parochial school who previously had a religious exemption must now receive their first age-appropriate dose in each immunization series by June 28, 2019, in order to remain in daycare or school. Parents and/or guardians of these children must then show by July 14, 2019, that they have made appointments for all required follow-up doses in order to remain in daycare or school.

All other children who do not have their required immunizations face a deadline of 14 days from the start of school in the fall for their first dose vaccinations. Parents/guardians of these children must show within 30 days of the first day of school that appointments have been made for follow-up doses.


Medication administration in school requires a written order from a licensed prescriber along with written parental permission. All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must adhere to these guidelines. Medication must be brought in by a parent in the original container.

School Attendance

Daily attendance is one of the most important factors in whether or not a student will succeed in school. Research shows that students who attend school regularly learn more, have fewer discipline problems, acquire better study habits and are generally more successful than students who do not. Yet we recognize there are circumstances in which children will be absent from in school.

If your child is absent from school, it is important for the parent/legal guardian to call your child’s school on the day of the absence.

  • Central Registration: 845-987-3000, ext. 10901
  • High School Attendance: 845-987-3050, ext. 12507
  • Middle School Attendance: 845-987-3100, ext. 16507
  • Park Avenue Attendance: 845-987-3170, ext. 14507
  • Sanfordville Attendance: 845-987-3300, ext. 13507

Please also send in a WRITTEN NOTE when your child returns to school and hand in to the health/attendance office. If your child is absent for more than a few days, the school nurse may request a written note from your child’s doctor. Legal reasons for an absence from school include sickness, health treatments, death in the family, religious observance or a court appearance. Upon returning to school, or when asking for early dismissal, all students must have a note of explanation signed and dated by a parent or guardian.