Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Review

The Warwick Valley Central School District has developed a framework for decision-making for its future program decisions. The District will utilize a data inquiry cycle to guide its program review. The data inquiry cycle is a series of steps, gaining perspective; preparing data; discovering or uncovering results from the data; meeting, discussing, and adjusting the program for improvement; and identifying next steps; then repeating the cycle as necessary. Specifically, the District has established a series of Board work session meetings – which are open to the public – to continue its review of the academic program:

October 21:  Examining student outcomes/data inquiry
November 18:  Elementary program
January 20:  Middle School program
February 17:  High School program
April 7:  Tri-state Consortium visit preliminary results of spring visit

The intention of the Board work sessions is to present the program at each level (elementary, middle and high school) and provide a deeper understanding of how the District will utilize the new District data teams.

At the October 21 work session, the Board will review the District report card and other data measures in its closer look at student outcomes. More data teams will be formed throughout the District. Feedback will be sought from students and parents as well as analyzing the student assessment results to guide the District’s decisions on its future program in the data inquiry cycle.

View/download the full presentation from September 23, 2021.