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Middle School multicultural luncheon celebrates diversity, cooperation and coexistence

on January 10, 2017

Recently the Zeta 8 team at Warwick Valley Middle School concluded a study of immigration in the United States with a celebratory multicultural luncheon.

photo of participants at the multicultural luncheon

During their studies, students learned about the effect of immigration on the culture of the United States. They conducted research about their heritage, and in the process gained a deeper understanding of how the United States and its people are truly a “melting pot.”

Students created individual symbols of themselves that incorporated the flags of their ancestors. As a group, close to 50 nations and/or ethnic groups were represented. The luncheon was a celebration of that diversity, but also a celebration of the spirit of cooperation and coexistence.

“The hope was to allow the students and their families to share a small piece of their ancestry, to experience a small piece of different ancestral traditions through food, and do so in a manner that symbolized the hope of the holiday season,” said Middle School social studies teacher Thomas Rauschenbach.

More than 100 students and 75 relatives participated in the luncheon, with food representative of their nationalities provided by the families. The event was organized by the Zeta 8 teachers including Mr. Barchi, Mr. Botta, Mrs. Magrino, Mrs. Megnin, Mrs. Moreno, and Mr. Rauschenbach, with special thanks to Ms. Flansburg, Mrs. Ernst and Mr. Thompson for their assistance. #TheirFuture

photo of the banquet table full of food photo of students filling their plates at the banquet table Display of symbols created by students to represent their heritage photo of teachers at the banquet table photos of students enjoying the luncheon


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