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WVHS STEM students play with geometry on field trip

on April 21, 2017

High school students sit around a table with buckets and set boxes of Guidecraft toys. Two adults moderate a discussion.Work and play often go hand in hand for high school students in Mr. Stolt’s computer integrated manufacturing class. On a recent field trip to Guidecraft, participating students played with the leading brand’s STEM-focused toys for early childhood education. 

Two male high school students play with a Guidcraft bulldolzer.During their tour of the Guidecraft facility, students met and collaborated with industrial and graphic designers, and with the company’s president.

As part of the day’s activities, Mr. Stolt’s students were challenged to design the chassis for a vehicle with PowerClix, an open-ended magnetic 2 and 3D construction toy with an easy click-and-connect system. After completion, students discussed and critiqued each other’s designs. They will now bring their chassis back to the classroom to equip them with 3D-printed axles and wheels.Female high school student poses with her Guidecraft creation.

Guidecraft’s design-centric product systems are rooted in geometry and oriented toward learning. Through play, the toys help build awareness of mathematical principles and develop the multi-disciplinary STEM skills that are driving education curriculums for children of all ages.





High School students sit around a table building models with PowerClix toy sets. Three adulst moderate.



















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