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WVHS students present original research at University in the High School Science Research Program

on June 6, 2017

As a culmination of the Science Research course at Warwick Valley High School, senior program participants completed their long-term project and delivered an oral presentation and poster presentation during the annual Science Research Symposium held at the high school June 5.

Group photo of students and teacher

John Pennington, Mika Leonard, Caroline Moore, Julia Keys, Alexa Yuen and Mrs. Lisa Reece

The Science Research course is a component of the University in the High School Program offered through SUNY Albany. This three-year program, taught by Lisa Reece, provides high school students with the opportunity to participate in the scientific research community by engaging in authentic research of their own design.

The WVHS 2017 senior presenters were Julia Keys, Mika Leonard, John Pennington and Alexa Yuen.

This year’s Symposium featured former Science Research student and 2012 graduate of Warwick Valley High School, Caroline Moore as the Keynote Speaker.

Caroline is a 2016 graduate of George Washington University, where she studied psychology and political science. She is currently a clinical research coordinator and data manager for six therapeutic clinical trials at a hospital in New York City.

The Science Research seniors and their long-term projects were:

Julia Keys

Year in course: Third
Topic: Psychology
Title: The effect of technology usage on the ability to read facial expressions of emotion
Mentors: Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam, PhD, Cal State – LA, and Dr. Danielle Hartigan, PhD, Bentley University
Future plans: Skidmore College, double major in dance and psychology

Mika Leonard

Year in course: Third
Topic: Eating Disorders
Title: The roles of stress and negative coping on the presence of psychological distress and maladaptive eating behaviors: A comparison between high school athletes and non-athletes
Mentor: Dr. Edward Selby, PhD, Rutgers University
Future plans: University of Rochester, double major in biology and cello performance

Mika is the recipient of the Orlowski Science Research Senior Scholarship.

John Pennington

Year in course: Third
Topic: Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
Title: The effect of disaster preparedness training on young adults
Mentor: Dr. Amesh Adalja, MD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Mr. Oscar Hoffman, MHA, Cornell University
Future plans: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, major in public policy, minor in business

Alexa Yuen

Year in course: Third
Topic: Breast cancer
Title: The relationships among fatigue levels, exercise, and return to work in women survivors with breast cancer
Mentor: Dr. Barbara F. Piper, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN, National University
Future Plans: University of Delaware, major in exercise science

The Science Research course includes the following juniors, in their second year of the course:

Jacob Gaydos: Bat Echolocation
Jacob is the recipient of the Orlowski Science Research Junior Scholaarship
Jacqueline Grundfast: Exoplanet Transits
Alyssa Schaechinger: Strokes
Jack Schenkman: Data Compression and Machine Learning
Garret VanGelder: Ornithology

And 16 sophomores, in their first year of Science Research:

Sarah Benson: Autoimmune Diseases
Hannah Davis: Breast Cancer
Hannah is the recipient of the Emperor Science Award
Thomas Dunnigan: 3D Printing
Annabel Field: Carbon in our Oceans
Erin Flannery: Canine Genetics
Lauren Fox: Cell Signaling in Drosophila Melanogaster
Ava Ghobadian: The Human Microbiome
Danielle Goldbaum: The effect of music on human functions and behavior
Rachel Goldbaum: The impact of environmental variables on intake
Lauren Lepre: Fingerprint Identification
Pilar Paez: Executive functioning and academic excellence in children
Brian Reiber: Sleep deprivation
Jessica Schaechinger: Sports Nutrition
Riley Schreibeis: Cattle Nutrition
Patrick Tully: Lyme Disease
Naya Winkelstein: Genetically Modified Fish


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