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WVCSD welcomes new teachers

on August 31, 2016

The Warwick Valley Central School District is pleased to welcome the following new teachers for the 2016-17 school year!

photo of new teachers on a school bus

Warwick’s new teachers for 2016-17 with their mentors

New teachers to the Warwick Valley Central School District for the 2016-17 school year are:

Eduardo Avila, teacher of criminal justice – Mr. Avila’s mentor is Marilyn Brozycki Smith

Brittany Botta, special education – Ms. Botta’s mentor is Lorna Nyland

John N. Garcia, special education-mathematics – Mr. Garcia’s mentor is Raymond Mark

Alexis Grable, mathematics – Ms. Grable’s mentor is Lisa Howard

Michael Justiana, French – Mr. Justiana’s mentor is Eugene Burns

Daniel Lennane, Instructional Technology – Mr. Lennane’s mentor is Yvonne Koulikov

Leah Mednick, art – Ms. Mednick’s mentor is Nicole Heller

Victoria Pennings, science, technology – Ms. Pennings’ mentor is Dorothy Ansley-Smith

Elio Vezza, English language arts – Mr. Vezza’s mentor is Gena Magrino

Kevin Wilson, technology education – Mr. Wilson’s mentor is Patrick Ellis

Margaret Wright, school counselor – Ms. Wright’s mentor is Mary Fox

Mentor/New Teacher Day & New Teacher Orientation Day – August 30 & 31

Over two days at the end of August, Warwick’s new teachers participated in a scheduled program facilitated by Mrs. Cindy Leandro, Warwick’s Director of Human Resources.

New teachers aboard a school bus

New teachers took a school bus tour of WVCSD schools on Aug. 31

Mrs. Leandro’s presentation included an overview of the administrative team in Warwick and fundamental information such as:

  • The District’s mission and goals, which focus on curriculum, literacy and instruction
  • Students are the priority
  • Back-to-school procedures
  • Importance of positive expectations for both students and staff
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Communication with parents, keeping them in the loop
  • Professional Practice
  • Pitfalls to avoid

FOCUS: Literacy

During Day Two of the new teacher program, the teachers met District administrators, visited the District’s four school buildings, reviewed professional expectations, and discussed what they wish their legacies as teachers in the Warwick school district to be. The new teachers heard District Superintendent Dr. David Leach speak about this year’s focus for all teachers: literacy. He explained that all teachers are really teachers of literacy in whatever subject they teach.

The Mentor/New Teacher Program at WVCSD

New teachers at Warwick are in good hands, as they are each paired up with a seasoned teacher-mentor for the school year. In Warwick, mentors are role models for their new teachers. Each mentor provides their new teacher with support in the following areas:

  • Subject and course curricula
  • Instructional strategies
  • Classroom management
  • Building and District policies
  • Parent communication

Mentors meet with their new teachers throughout the year and maintain a log of those meetings to submit to the New York State Education Department. They observe the new teachers in their classrooms and provide opportunities for the new teachers to observe them at work. Mentors in the WVCSD are not chosen at random – rather, they have indicated a willingness and desire to work with new teachers. They have demonstrated a mastery in the pedagogical skills and curricula knowledge and have excellent teaching abilities along with strong interpersonal and communication skills.

new teachers attend orientation  A new teacher listens intently at orientation new teacher with mentors new teachers listen to presentation by Director of Human Resources teachers taking notes Administrators introducing themselves to teachers

Congratulations to all of the new teachers to the Warwick Valley Central School District, and best wishes for a successful school year!


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