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The #1 reason to vote on the school budget? Your community and its children depend on you!

on May 16, 2016

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to vote on the school budget on Tues., May 17….

Today’s Top Reason to Vote is…

Reason #1 to vote on the school budget


Because your community and its children depend on you:

The folk wisdom that “it takes a whole community to raise a child” fits here. You share the responsibility to see that all children are educated. While you may not be actually involved with what occurs in your district’s classrooms, you can make your opinion known on what happens there by voting.

Because your vote matters:

Elections are often decided by only a few votes. In the case of low voter turnout, a minority of the residents can determine the entire district’s future.

Because public education matters:

Public schools educate by far the greatest number of our next generation – those to whom we will one day turn over the reins of government and business, and those who will care for our generation as we get older.

Because it’s rare to have a say on public budgets:

Of all levels of government, only public schools and libraries provide constituents the right to vote on their budgets.

Because this is when you select your school board members:

Your Board of Education members are elected concurrently with the budget vote. School boards set policy and goals for your district, and select your district’s superintendent. They represent your educational interests.

Because you control public education in your community:

You get to decide each year on the quantity and quality of educational programs and services provided in your community.

Because you set an example:

Children notice whether or not the adults in their lives exercise their civic responsibilities. We set an example for them whether we vote or not.

Because others will:

There are some people in every school district who vote for reasons other than yours. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, others will – and you might not like the outcome.

Because you should:

Since all of us have the right and responsibility to vote on our district budgets, you too are accountable for exercising your civic duty.

Because you can:

In many nations of the world, and in most states of our union, citizens do not have the right to vote on the spending plans developed by their school districts.



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