Water testing results – Pine Island Elementary


Water testing results – Pine Island Elementary

October 23, 2020

Water testing in September 2020 found that six faucets out of 10 at Pine Island Elementary School exceeded the state’s allowable measure of 15 micrograms of lead per liter, typically referred to as “parts per billion (ppb).” The affected faucets were not at any of the school’s drinking fountains but at classroom sinks and in the sink of the nurse’s office.

Signage has been posted above the affected sinks that says the water is not for consumption. All those fixtures, in addition to other faucets in the building, will be replaced as soon as possible, and retested before being put back into service. The District will ensure that all students and staff have an adequate supply of water for drinking and cooking. The full report may be found here or through a link on the Pine Island Elementary page on the district’s website.

– For the complete results of the water outlet testing at Pine Island Elementary School collected 9/24/2020 (Report date: 10/15/2020-5 pages), contact Assistant Superintendent for Business, Timothy Holmes at 845-987-3000 x10521 or tholmes@wvcsd.org.


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