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Warwick Valley’s Middle School students test Google’s augmented reality program

on February 22, 2018

A female middle school student looks into a cell phone on a selfie stick Three male students look into a smart phone to experience augmented realityWarwick Valley Middle School students were treated to a visit from Google and a sneak peek at the Expeditions Augmented Reality Pioneer Program.
With smartphones attached to selfie sticks, the students viewed three-dimensional moving images as if they were happening right there in the Middle School Media Center, including planets, a whirling strand of DNA, a tornado,  even a giant lobster.
With it Expeditions AR, teachers and students map the classroom with QR codes placed on desks, creating  “expeditions”  – a visit to the moon, for example. When the phones are placed over the codes the students see a Michelangelo, or a T-rex, or whatever the teacher has selected.  Students can get up close to see detail, walk around for different perspectives, or step back for a sense of scale. A Google expert was on hand and brought the phones and selfie sticks.
“The level of excitement resulted in students asking thought provoking questions, and inspired an overall desire to learn more about the topic at hand,” said Yvonne Koulikov, an Instructional Technology Facilitator at the Middle School. “They were amazed to see their class lessons come to life.”


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