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Warwick Valley High School

Clubs and Co-Curricular Activities

Academic Support Group
Advisor: Ms. Buffardi, Mrs. Beauregard | Room 132 | Mondays and Thursdays after school; Wednesdays during lunch
For students new to the district or transitioning to the high school. 

Aerospace Club
Advisor: Mr. Piascik | Room 243 | Tuesday during lunch
Study space, astronomy and engineering

Art Club
Advisor: Mrs. Spano | Room 63 | Wednesdays during lunch
Focuses on developing artistic skills, exploring new techniques, and building friendships. 

Advisor: Mr. Persad | Band Room | 

Bowling Club
Advisor: Mrs. Sinclair | Bowling Alley | Mondays 3:45-5:15 p.m.

Cat’s Meow
Advisor: Ms. Hanson | Chorus Room | 

Chair Club
Advisors: Mr. Manno & Ms. Spano | Room 63 
A creative expedition that challenges students to design, paint and auction a chair to raise money for scholarships. Open to juniors and seniors willing to dedicate time to the arts. 

Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. O’Brien  | Room 118 

Advisor: Ms. Hanson | Chorus Room | Monthly during lunch and after school

Debate Club
Advisor: Ms. Brozycki-Smith |  Room 107 | Wednesdays during Unit lunch
Encourages critical thinking and discussion of current events to foster argumentation skills. 

Drama Club
Advisor: Mr. DiLeo |  Room 103/Auditorium | after school
Meets occasionally as a group, more frequently when a fall or spring production is underway. Learn about the 2019-20 Season.

Advisors: Ms. Blauner and Ms. Buffardi | Room 70 | “A” days at lunch
Supports the community Empty Bowls event which raises funds for local food pantries. Students learn how to work with clay doing hand-building and throwing on the wheel. Community potters join club after school for demonstrations/workshops. Club members volunteer at the Empty Bowls event, fundraise for the club and work with the district/community Empty Bowls committee. 

Empty Bowls Club

Advisors: Ms. Blauner and Ms. Buffardi | Room 70 | Every Wednesday and Friday during lunch
Supports the community through the annual Empty Bowls event which raises funds for local food pantries. Students learn how to work with clay doing hand-building and throwing on the wheel. Community potters join club after school for demonstrations/workshops. Club members volunteer at the Empty Bowls event, fundraise for the club and work with the district/community Empty Bowls committee. 

Environmental Club
Advisors: Mr. Touw and Ms. Spring | Room 170 | B-days at 10:50 a.m.
To increase environmental awareness and sustainability throughout Warwick schools and community. 

Freshman Advisor
Advisor: Ms. Beauregard | Room 132

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)/Investment
Advisor: Ms. Koulikov | Media Center | 
An integral part of the instructional program, FBLA promotes civic and personal responsibilities and creates opportunities to develop vocational and career competencies. 

Gaming Club
Advisor: Mr. Finnerty |  Computer Lab | Tues. 10:30 a.m./Thurs. 2:30 p.m.
Students get together to play PS4, Wii, Nintendo, card games such as Pokeman, and PC games. 

Gay Straight Alliance Club
Advisor: Ms. Scarpulla | Room 122 | Meets C and G days during lunch
To support a safe meeting place for LGBTQ students and straight allies.

History and Community Club
Advisor: Mr. Fasolino Interact Club | Meets in the Media Center

Interact Club
Advisor: Ms. Fogler | Room 129 | 
Community service club

Jazz Ensemble Club
Advisor: Mr. Persad | Band room | Mondays during lunch

Junior Advisor
Advisor: Ms. Fogler | Room 129 | Wednesdays at 11:05 a.m.

Katie’s Music Wish Club
Advisor: Ms. Blaikner | Stage | Mondays during lunch
A service club that gives string orchestra instruments to students who are unable to buy or rent them for learning purposes. Club members raise funds to purchase instruments and repair, or learn to repair, donated instruments. 

Latino Club
Advisor: Ms. Schafer | Room 213 | Mondays during lunch
The purpose of this club in to immerse students in the Latino culture, politics, architecture and STEM.

Math Team
Advisor: Ms. Grable | Room 215 | TBA

Advisor: Ms. Rand | TBA | Wednesdays during lunch
Using mindfulness as a tool to understand stress/anxiety and how to increase resiliency, assist with attention.

Mock Trial
Advisor: Mr. Avila | Room 61 | Lunch once a week and after school
Students meet after school and go to OU-BOCES, based on the availability of case information. 

Model U.N.
Advisor: Mr. Burns | Room 124 | Rotating, during lunch

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society
Advisors: Mr. Mark and Ms. Price |  Room 225 | Rotating, during lunch

National Honor Society
Advisor: Mrs. Fox | Guidance | 
Learn more

Advisor: Ms. Maynard 

OCAL – Orange County Academic League 
Advisors: Mr. Mark and Ms. Baisley | Room 229 | Wednesdays 10:45 and after school
The WVHS OCAL team competes against other Orange County schools in a “Quiz Bowl” setting. Questions cover literature, history, science, mathematics, art, music and current events. A buzzer lockout system is used during practices and competitions. Matches take place on Thursdays after school. 

Physics Club
Advisors: Ms. Buffardi  | Room 231

Senior Dean
Advisors: Mr. Jacobsen/Ms. Bonet

Senior Project
Advisors: Mr. O’Connor/Ms. Fogler | Room 129
Learn more

Sophomore Class
Advisor: Mr. O’Brien | Room 118

Sports Medicine Club
Advisor: Ms. Abel | Lunch
For students interested in exploring careers in sports medicine, therapy, nursing, physician assistance, or other medical/healthcare-related field. Opportunities to gain exposure and some learning experience in injury prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation, and first aid response to various injuries. 

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)
Advisor: Mr. Mark/Ms. Rodriguez | TBA

Empowers young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them in their daily lives. Creates, equips and sustains a network of students focused on peer-to-peer education. Fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills. 

Student Senate
Advisor: Mr. Burns |  Room 124

Warwick Valley FFA (formerly known as Future Farmers of America)
Advisor: Mrs. Colgan | Room 141 | Wednesday during lunch/Thursdays at 2:30 p.m.
Opportunities to develop leadership and practical skills through community service, hands-on projects. Participation in leadership and career development events.

Wire Choir
Advisor: Ms. Maynard 
Wire Choir is an unconventional orchestra comprised of students in grades 5-12 who want to play pop, rock, and hip hop music. 
Wire Choir meets Thursdays after school in the middle school band room until 3:30 p.m. Occasionally, when a performance is close, Wire Choir will rehearse an additional day after school the week of the performances. 

Writers Workshop
Advisor: Ms. Debella |  Room 149 | Tuesdays at 11-11:30 a.m.
Students work on creative writing in a workshop setting and share their work. Members plan monthly open-mic lunches and quarterly collections to demonstrate how writing is part of their lives. 

Yearbook Club
Advisor: Mrs. McLoughlin |  Room 59 | Wednesdays at 11:05-11:30 a.m. and after school
Yearbook information

Youth in Government
Advisor: Mr. Ottochian |  Room 122 | Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and after school
Students are involved in mock, local government, running for office and passing legislation. They also shadow local officials.