Clubs and Co-Curricular Activities

Clubs and Co-Curricular Activities

Warwick Valley High School


Autism Awareness Club

Advisor: Mr. Fasolino | Tuesdays at lunch | GM code: 6ulgtiq | Spread awareness to Warwick Valley High School campus and to raise funds for Autism research.


Advisor: Mr. Persad | Band room | Regular day & time: TBA per Mr. Persad and after school


Bowling Club (Next Spring)
Advisor: Mrs. Gluckmann | Bowling Alley | Regular day & time:


Career Exploration in the Armed Forces

Advisor:  Mr. Avila | Regular day & time:  | Real world insight of military life.


Chair Club
Advisors: Mr. Manno & Ms. Spano | A creative expedition that challenges students to design, paint and auction a chair to raise money for scholarships. Open to juniors and seniors willing to dedicate time to the arts. 


Advisor: Ms. Hanson | Chorus Room | Regular day & time: Monthly during lunch and after school


Debate Club
Advisor: Ms. Brozycki-Smith | Tuesdays at lunch | GM code:  dmmtibs
Encourages critical thinking and discussion of current events to foster argumentation skills. 


Drama Club
Advisor: Mr. DiLeo | Auditorium |  Google meet code: yystp6t
Meets occasionally as a group, more frequently when a fall or spring production is underway.


Empty Bowls Club
Advisors: Ms. Blauner and Ms. Buffardi
Supports the community Empty Bowls event which raises funds for local food pantries. Students learn how to work with clay doing hand-building and throwing on the wheel. Community potters join club after school for demonstrations/workshops. Club members volunteer at the Empty Bowls event, fundraise for the club and work with the district/community Empty Bowls committee. 


Environmental Club
Advisors: Mr. Touw & Ms. Touw | Thursdays at 2:30 | class code: ltqpudl
To increase environmental awareness and sustainability throughout Warwick schools and community.


French Club
Advisor:  Ms. Trovato | TBD | Google CR: r6qs3jb
Learn more about French culture, language and history.


Freshman Class
Advisor: Ms. Slawinski |


Gay Straight Alliance Club
Advisor: Ms. Gray | TBD
To support a safe place for LGBTQ students and straight allies to meet


Interact Club
Advisor: Ms. Fogler | Wednesdays 10:30 | Class code: aaxmr4f
Community service club. 


International Club
Advisor: Mrs. Hamilton | TBD | Support cultural sensitivity and awareness.


Jazz Ensemble Club
Advisor: Mr. Persad | Band room |


Junior Class
Advisor: Ms. Fogler | Fridays at 10:30


Math Team
Advisor: Ms. Grable and Ms. Peluso | TBD


Mental Health Club
Advisor: Ms. Maynard | TBD | Safe space for students to reduce stress and talk.


Advisor: Mr. LaCavalla | Guidance | Meets Wed. during lunch | GM code: ulgwwq6
Using mindfulness as a tool to understand stress/anxiety and how to increase resiliency and assist with attention.


Mock Trial
Advisor: Mr. Avila |  


Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society
Advisor: Mr. Mark | Members will be emailed code to join |TBD


National Honor Society
Advisor: Mrs. Fox | Guidance | Regular day & time: Every other Thursday at 10:30 | GC Code: jtoy4a7
Learn more


NewsPaper – The Survey
Advisor: Ms. Taylor | GM code:  wyu2fjy


OCAL – Orange County Academic League 
Advisors: Mr. Mark & Ms. Baisley |  GM code: lhbhqnd | TBD
The WVHS OCAL team competes against other Orange County schools in a “Quiz Bowl” setting. Questions cover literature, history, science, mathematics, art, music and current events. A buzzer lockout system is used during practices and competitions. Matches take place on Thursdays after school. 


Advisor: Ms. Maynard | Stage | Daily


Senior Class
Advisors: Ms. Buffardi/Ms. Gaytan-Castro


Social Awareness Club
Advisor: Ms. Slawinski


Sophomore Class
Advisor: Mr. O’Brien


Sports Medicine Club
Advisor: Ms. Abel | Lunch | GM code: adhasdz
For students interested in exploring careers in sports medicine, therapy, nursing, physician assistance, or other medical/healthcare-related field. Opportunities to gain exposure and some learning experience in injury prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation, and first aid response to various injuries. 


Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)
Advisor: Mr. Mark/Ms. Rodriguez  | GM code: qr2lvaz
Empowers young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them in their daily lives. Creates, equips and sustains a network of students focused on peer-to-peer education. Fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills. Encourages youth to make positive life decisions. 


Student Senate
Advisor: Mr. O’Brien | GM code: rpan474


Studio Music Club
Advisor:  Ms. Maynard | TBD | To record, write songs, mix master engineer.


Veg-Lightened (Vegan) Club
Advisor: Ms. Slawinski | Room 167 | TBD | Education on the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian.


Vocal Movement
Advisor: Ms. Hanson | Chorus Room | TBD


Warwick Valley F.F.A. 
Advisor: Mrs. Colgan | Room 141 | Regular day & time: Wed during lunch | GM code:  ffacolgan

Opportunities to develop leadership and practical skills through community service, hands-on projects. Participation in leadership and career development events.


Wire Choir
Advisor: Ms. Maynard | GM code:  2axwezg
Extracurricular pops orchestra that caters to a non-traditional approach to music and to students looking for a change and a challenge.


Writers Workshop
Advisor: Ms. Debella | Room 149 | TBD
Students work on creative writing in a workshop setting and share their work. Members plan monthly open-mic lunches and quarterly collections to demonstrate how writing is part of their lives. 


Yearbook Club
Advisor: Mrs. McLoughlin | GM code: fjt6uqs | On E and F Days


Youth in Government
Advisor: Mr. Ottochian | GM code: 55esvlu   | TBD
Students are involved in mock, local government, running for office and passing legislation. They also shadow local officials.