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Warwick Valley High School

Attendance Regulations

Regular attendance and being on time for all classes are important for educational success. Academic achievement and good attendance go hand in hand. Warwick Valley High School regards poor attendance and lateness as very serious matters that result in the loss of valuable instructional time. Under the law students must be in class unless they have a legal reason to be absent. The only legal reasons recognized by New York State are:

  • Personal illness
  • Required to be in court
  • Approved college visitation
  • Sickness or death in the family
  • Receiving remedial health treatment
  • Religious observances
  • Approved cooperative work/study program
  • Quarantine
  • Motor Vehicle road test appointment
  • Military obligationsThese are the only legal excuses in New York State. Oversleeping, vacationing, working, fatigue, tiredness, caring for siblings, missing the bus or having car problems are not legal excuses.
  1. If you are absent from school, your legal guardian/parent must call the Attendance Office, 987-3050, option 1, on the day of absence stating the date and reason for the absence. A note should be turned into the Attendance Office on the next school day. If this does not happen then you will be considered truant for that day. The Code of Conduct imposes In School Suspension for truancy.
  2. If you are late to school, you must also bring a note. It should be given to the Attendance Office upon your arrival. Students arriving late without a note or a parent escort will be considered illegally late and therefore late to class. All students must have a pass to enter a class late.
  3. Class cutting is a violation of the Code of Conduct and will be dealt with accordingly.
  4. If you must leave school early, you must give the Attendance Office a note signed by a parent prior to first period on the day you wish to be excused. The note must include the legal reason for the excuse, and your parent or guardian must meet you at the Attendance Office at the time of dismissal. In an emergency situation a parent or guardian may come to the Attendance Office and sign you out. Photo identification (such as a driver’s license) is required.
  5. If you must leave a classroom, you must ask permission of the teacher and be given a pass. The pass is for a specific destination such as the bathroom and is not an excuse to wander the building.