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Third graders follow their heart during the “Genius Hour”

on March 3, 2017

A female student at PArk Ave sit at a table in front of a laptop. She looks to her right to consult a yellow sheet of paper titled "Genius Hour."To empower students to explore their own passions and stimulate the love of learning, AIS teachers Mrs. Bruckner and Mrs. Troup implemented a “Genius Hour” program with their collaborative third-grade classes.A female student at Park Ave lies the rug and moves the mouse on a laptop. A yellow sheet of paper titled "Genius Hour" is next to her laptop.

The student’s journey began with brainstorming by completing the sentences “I love…”, “I wonder…”, and “I wish…” on sticky notes and sharing them as a group. Eventually the students identified a pressing research question they felt motivated to answer. In the next step, they learned the process of researching and taking notes.

After completing their research, Mrs. Bruckner and Mrs. Troup introduced the students to Google Slides and showed them how to insert images and share their projects.

Students will now decide whether to use Wixie, Google Slides or Padlet to share their findings, and their peers will have the opportunity to pose questions and offer feedback.  A group of Park Ave students faces the blackboard to llok at sticky notes posted on a large sheet of paper titled "I wish..."

Three Park Ave students sit around a table using laptops to do resarch.



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