The survey says…..


The survey says…..

November 9, 2016

What are our own students saying about their use of screen time?

A survey was administered during the first week of November to 432 high school students about their use of screen time and family rules about technology.

The survey asked students to think about what they do online and about the conversations and rules they have about technology at home.

The survey was anonymous, and students were encouraged to answer questions honestly. See below for a summary of responses:

illustration of survey results showing how prevalent technology is in students' lives

As part of the survey about screen time, the 432 student participants were asked a short-answer question about the most important rule in their families regarding technology. Below are some of their responses, many of which were given by numerous students:

Question: What would you say is your family’s MOST IMPORTANT rule or policy about using technology?

  • Homework first
  • No phones at the dinner table
  • Don’t give a lot of personal info
  • Don’t use it for too long… it’s bad for your eyes
  • Having a balance
  • Use it wisely
  • Don’t look at inappropriate things on the internet and don’t take inappropriate photos of yourself or anyone else
  • What you put online stays online.
  • We don’t really have rules
  • Don’t post anything that Grandma wouldn’t like to see
  • Never talk to someone that I don’t know online
  • In moderation
  • Don’t do anything stupid
  • Don’t go over the data limit
  • My family’s most important rule about using technology is not to use my credit card on unknown websites
  • Its online forever!
  • Minimize usage of electronics to two hours a day
  • Don’t let your devices get in the way of actual work
  • Don’t be mean
  • To put the phone down once in awhile
  • There is no rule
  • Don’t block dad
  • They limit the amount of time I’m allowed
  • Turn your phone off when you go to sleep and put it away from you
  • As long as I manage my time properly
  • Don’t bully anyone
  • Don’t live on your phone
  • Treat others online as you would in person.
  • Don’t share important things about yourself with random strangers
  • Don’t spend too much time using technology
  • Never click Popups
  • Never mess with the router
  • Use common sense
  • No video games without homework being done
  • Not using it while doing hw unless it is for hw
  • Keep passwords safe
  • Don’t post pictures while on vacation
  • To not let it affect our school life
  • My grades better be good
  • Balanced time of online and offline
  • Don’t become consumed in the technology
  • We don’t have any
  • Homework comes first
  • Don’t upload unflattering photos
  • No swears

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