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Sustainable Warwick visits Sanfordville for some spring fun recycling!

on June 1, 2016

Guest instructor shows students contents of recycling binRecently, Sanfordville students in all classes, from kindergarten through grades 4/5, learned some valuable lessons about the three R’s: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.

Mr. Bill Greene and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Moss from Sustainable Warwick, along with Board member and parent Dory Masefield, visited Sanfordville classes to discuss ways in which we can all do a better job of reducing the waste we produce district-wide, in each school building and every classroom.

The guest instructors emptied out the classroom recycling bin as students gathered around to examine the contents. Most items were placed in the bin properly, but the students were surprised to learn some of the items they thought were recyclable really aren’t, and vice-versa. For instance some plastic is just too thin to be recycled, and should be thrown in the trash, and while a juice box can be recycled, the straw that comes with it cannot (too small), and should be thrown in the trash.

Students also visited the recycling and trash dumpsters outside to get an idea of how much waste and recycling their school typically produces – with the goal being to increase the amount of recycling and decrease the waste.

Teachers and students alike were given tips on how to reuse items (for arts & crafts projects, for instance). They learned that zip lock bags can be washed, dried and reused, and learned other tips on how to use food and drink containers more efficiently. Each classroom has also assigned a student “recycling monitor,” who will make sure items are being separated properly into classroom recycling and trash bins.

By the end of the two days of visiting all the Sanfordville classes, Mr. Greene, Mr. & Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Masefield inspired everyone to do more to reduce waste in their own lives – at home and at school!

students pay attention to recycling lesson Students learn how to properly separate recycling and trash


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