Warwick Valley Teacher’s Benefit Trust

Warwick Valley Teacher’s Benefit Trust

Vision Allowance for Employee and Spouse

(Every other calendar year)
*Attach all receipts to a completed Vision Reimbursement Form

V2020 Frames: $175

V2100 Single Vision Lenses: $100

V2220 Bifocal Lenses: $135

V2300 Trifocal Lenses: $200

V2499 Progressive Lenses: $250

V2500 Contact Lenses: $200

V2799 Vision Exam: $75

V2199 Child Vision Allowance: $100

VL001 Lasik Left Eye: $500

VR001 Lasik Right Eye: $500

*Lasik Surgery Benefit: Beginning July 1, 2009, employees of the district with three years or more of service are eligible for surgery. Those individuals who elect Lasik will not get a vision allowance for five years following.