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Important Facts for Enrollees

Preferred Group

Dental, Vision, and Prescription Co-Pay Reimbursement Coverage

  • Dental and Vision Coverage is separate from your medical coverage with no premium for individuals and dependents
  • Part Time Employees shall contribute the difference between the percentage of a part-time position in which s/he works 100 percent (effective 7/1/14)
  • Maximum spending per registrant is $2,000.
  • If you take the medical buy-out you are still enrolled in Preferred. Preferred group has no buy-out!
  • You must use preferred as your primary and your spouse’s coverage as your secondary. Follow the birthday rule for children as dependents when both you and your spouse have coverage (the parent who has the birthday month first covers the children as primary)
  • Children are covered to age 19, unless in college to age 25 (verification form needed for every semester)
  • Your prescription and medical co-pay reimbursement is $125 for the whole family per calendar year (Jan. to Dec.)
  • We do not have a card, just forms, because we are self-insured and not affiliated with a major carrier
  • You are eligible for cobra when/if you leave Warwick
  • You do not have coverage for dentures, your child’s ortho, or caps/crowns until a year from date of hire
  • Ortho only for children to age 19. No adult ortho!
  • Lasik surgery benefit is available to members and dependent spouse employed by the district for a minimum of 3 years. The plan provides reimbursement of $500 per eye, but the individual will not get a vision allowance for 5 years following
  • Hearing Aid/Accessories Benefit is available to members and their dependents employed for a minimum of 3 years. The plan provides reimbursement of $200 per family every 2 calendar years.
  • Preferred will not cover pre-existing conditions
  • You can download form from Warwick website under personnel tab
  • Eye Coverage is every two calendar years ($100 per child when enrolled in a family plan)
  • All claims from the previous year need to be submitted by March 31.