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Sanfordville visitor reports back from the South Pole

on March 23, 2018

You can never know too much about penguins, or science. In the school library, a presenter stands by a large screen featuring the word penguins and pictures of their prey. A larg group of students sits on the floor, turned to the screen.Third and fourth graders at Sanfordville Elementary were only too happy to host penguin expert, Nicole Bender, a Class of 2010 Warwick graduate.

Ms. Bender began her research with penguins as part of her graduate work at Stony Brook University. She traveled to Antarctica to collect demographic data on penguin populations and contribute to an environmental study on the impact of climate change on ecosystems.

Students were eager to listen to Ms. Bender’s exciting experiences in the South Pole, and they gained valuable insight into the nature of field work and its role in scientific research.


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