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Sanfordville kindergartners welcome baby chicks

on May 24, 2017

During the month of May, all of Sanfordville’s kindergarten students got to learn about hatching chicks! Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a hands-on learning experience that most students remember for years afterward.

Students show their books about the lifecycle of a chicken  Students observe just-hatched chicks 

To start the process, teachers received fertilized eggs and incubators donated by local farms, and the students were very excited about the arrival of the eggs. They began their incubation of the eggs, and over the course of 21 days the students took excellent care of them and checked them every day. Each of the classroom teachers incorporated some learning activities related to chicks during the month. The students wrote informational books all about the eggs and chickens.

This month-long activity helps students learn biological concepts and develop a deeper understanding of the life sciences. They realize they can learn a lot about chickens – and animals in general – through close observation.

Some of the things young students learn through the egg-hatching process are:

  • Understanding all that’s involved in a growing chicken embryo as it directly relates to the different parts of an egg, the proper elements needed to grow and hatch, and the various natural developments that occur during its life cycle.
  • Understanding the differences between eggs and embryos from various egg-laying animals along with the difference between animals that lay eggs compared to animals that give birth to live offspring.
  • Hands-on activities to gain insight about developing embryos.

Newly hatched chicksAfter the chicks were hatched, they were returned to their farms, and students (and teachers) reflected on this real, meaningful and fun learning process.



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