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Return of the MS Genetically Altered Creature Museum!

on January 25, 2017

Students visit the WVMS Genetically Altered Creature Museum

WVMS Delta 7th grade Life Science students, taught by Ms. Tracey Waters, recently presented the annual Genetically Altered Creature Museum.

For this project, students are asked to cross two living organisms of any species – plant, animal, or even human.

The activity is used to reinforce  learning about genetics, heredity patterns and genetic engineering.

Students also use their creatures to study adaptations and variations of a species when looking at natural selection and evolution.

Students visit the Genetically Altered Creature MuseumStudents researched the two different organisms of their hybrid cross and created a Google slide presentation and QR code to display information about themselves and the creatures they created.

When other MS classes visited the museum, the 7th grade science students used a QR reader on their phone or tablet to showcase their slide presentation, making the scanning of QR codes in the museum of creatures an interactive experience.

Students shared their finished creations with other middle school students, faculty and parents in a classroom transformed into a museum, which students help set up.

Students visit the Genetically Altered Creature MuseumOn Fri., January 13, over 200 5th and 6th grade students toured the museum. The creatures are currently on display in the MS library/Media Center for others to enjoy.

This is the 15th year that Mrs. Waters has incorporated the Genetically Altered Creature project into the genetics unit, and students get more creative and resourceful each year!

Click here to view the “Return of the MS Genetically Altered Creature Museum” photo album on the district’s public Facebook page – you don’t need a Facebook account.





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