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Results show District water is safe for consumption

on July 14, 2016

Recent test results confirm the tap water at all Warwick Valley Central School District buildings is safe for consumption.

Water-testing regulations for school districts vary based on whether a building’s water is supplied by a well, or if it is supplied by a municipal source. In Warwick, some of the District’s facilities are supplied by well water, and some use municipal water. Kings, Pine Island and Sanfordville use well water; Park Avenue, the Middle School and the High School use municipal water.

When water is supplied to a school building from a well on its property, state and local authorities require testing every three years. The Orange County Board of Health requires the District to monitor well water for lead, copper and bacteria (chloroform, etc.) at these buildings.

For District buildings using municipal water, testing is required to be performed by the Town of Warwick on a quarterly basis. Though not required, the District also recently tested the water in these municipally-supplied buildings. “The recent heightened awareness prompted me to initiate testing District-wide to ensure student safety,” said Superintendent Dr. David Leach.

WVCSD buildings that use well water (Pine Island, Kings and Sanfordville) test negative for lead, other contaminants

The most recent test results from District facilities that use well water – the Pine Island building, Kings building and Sanfordville Elementary School – were negative for lead and copper. These water supplies are also required to be tested for bacterial contamination (chloroform, etc.) by the Orange County Board of Health. Additionally, the District checks chlorine levels at these buildings on a daily basis to make sure proper levels are maintained. All of the most recent test results from these buildings were negative, and the water deemed safe for consumption.

WVCSD buildings using village water (Park Avenue, WVMS and WVHS) show no lead at drinking fountains; lead initially found in boiler drainage spouts and utility sink remediated or scheduled for remediation

Park Avenue, the Middle School and the High School use Village water. Testing of water at these buildings is regularly performed by the Town and not required to be tested separately by the District.

Regardless, Dr. Leach proactively ordered lab testing for all sources of Village water in District facilities.

Results showed that Park Avenue, WVHS and WVMS tested negative for lead at all sources for water drinking/consumption.

All three buildings did test positive, however, for lead in their boiler rooms. It was determined the cause of these findings was the drainage valve mechanism used on those particular boilers. (None of the water that drains from the boilers is used for drinking or consumption.) Those valves have already been scheduled for replacement.

Additionally, there was some detection of lead at a utility faucet in the kitchen at the high school. This faucet was originally set up for cleaning, was rarely used, and has since been removed.

“The District’s top priority is ensuring student safety,” said Dr. Leach. “We will continue to periodically conduct tests to ensure the quality of drinking water for our students, staff and visitors.”


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