Parents: make plans now for early dismissals


Parents: make plans now for early dismissals

September 6, 2016

During the course of the school year, there are times when weather conditions such as freezing rain, ice, accumulating or drifting snow, and other emergencies dictate an early closing of school and dismissal of students. The decision to close school and dismiss students prior to the regular time of dismissal is one that is not taken lightly and is made with considerable thought for the safety and welfare of the children.

As you begin the new school year, please develop some plans for the arrival of your children at home in times of early dismissal. The procedure for early dismissal provides for the release of students in the following order:

  • Middle/High School, Grades 5-12
  • Elementary Schools, Grades K-4

The time between dismissals is approximately 45 minutes.

The order of dismissal is intended to ensure that older siblings of elementary school children arrive home first. If an early closing results in young children arriving home to no supervision, it is suggested that you make emergency plans with a “sitter,” neighbor or friend. It is important to make plans and review them with your children on a regular basis early in the school year. Please DO NOT come to school to pick up your child during an early dismissal. The safest place for your child in the event of a weather-related emergency is on the school bus.

More information about emergency closings and delays, including a listing of radio stations for changes in the school schedule, is available on the “Emergency Closings and Delays” webpage.


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