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Update – MS team makes semi-finals at F.I.R.S.T. Lego League Tournament

on February 14, 2017

WVMS Lego League team 2017At this year’s F.I.R.S.T. Lego League Qualifying Tournament, recently held at Sanfordville Elementary School, the Warwick Valley Middle School team, Lego Matrix, won for best project, and came in second place overall. They will advance to the Semifinal Tournament.

The theme for this year’s Tournament was “Animal Allies.” Approximately 150 students from 15 teams participated, after months of work on their projects. The projects all focused on improving interactions between animals and humans.

WVMS Lego League team 2017The Middle School team used GPS and smartphone technology to develop an app, used in combination with special animal collars, to warn drivers and keep pets from being hit by cars.

Congratulations to this year’s Middle School team members:

  • Claudia Harris
  • Molly Rudnick
  • Angelos Veloudos
  • Marios Veloudos (4th grade Rookie)
  • Nick Harris (9th grade)
  • Parker Ace Dunn (9th grade)

Last year, this team didn’t win, but was responsible for getting water bottle refill stations placed in WVCSD schools – a great accomplishment!

WVMS Lego League team 2017Each team had to build a demonstration board to explain how its project was developed, and had to respond to questions from judges.

The competition also included a robotics activity, where teams built robots out of LEGOs and programmed them to perform tasks.

The Warwick Valley Central School District is a strong supporter of F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League. WVCSD Superintendent, Dr. David Leach, was one of the judges.

“This is an opportunity for them to collaborate on solving problems outside the school walls,” said Leach. “They’re honing their leadership skills.”

Read more about this year’s Lego League competition in “With plastic, students build life skills,” courtesy of the Times Herald-Record newspaper.


Update – Team Lego Matrix makes semi-finals!

Following the initial competition, Team Lego Matrix went to semi-finals, and did very well.

Of the twelve teams that competed, the competition is narrowed down to nine, then to six teams. Those six teams go on to finals.

Warwick’s Team Lego Matrix made it to the nine teams, but did not advance to the final six. For their first trip to semi-finals, it was a great accomplishment!

The team has grown better over the past four years, and advances a little farther each time.

The two high school students on the team, Parker Ace Dunn and Nick Harris, have now aged out of this team, so this was their final competition with Team Lego Matrix.

Team Lego Matrix offers its thanks for the support of many!

WVMS Lego League team 2017  WVMS Lego League team 2017

WVCSD team-Lego League semi-finals  WVCSD Lego League semi-finals  WVCSD Lego League semi-finals





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