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Lions Club performs free vision screening for kindergarten students

on November 17, 2016

Recently, the local Lions club came to both Park Avenue and Sanfordville Elementary Schools to conduct free vision screening for kindergarten students.

photo of members of the local Lions Club conducting vision screening for kindergartners.

Members of the local Lions Club conducted vision screening for kindergartners.

In all, 160 students were screened over three days in October and November.

As a result of the screening, nearly a dozen students were referred for comprehensive follow-up eye examinations by an eye doctor for possible conditions that would warrant early intervention. The Lions Club also offered to pay for these exams and any glasses that may be necessary in cases of financial need.

While school nurses still conduct screenings using eye charts (nearsightedness/farsightedness), the screening tool used by the Lions Club is able to detect other vision problems such as “lazy eye,” which, if detected early, can be corrected in most cases.

The Lions Club representatives used a sophisticated clinical instrument, the PlusoptiX camera, to obtain an eye scan. They screened for conditions including Astigmatism, Amblyopia (lazy eye), and Strabismus (misaligned eyes). The camera has a smiley face, which naturally attracts the child’s attention.

The school nurses from both Park Avenue and Sanfordville, along with the District’s Health Coordinator, were very supportive of this process, and are hoping it might be incorporated into the Kindergarten Screening Process in the future.

Photo of students lined up for vision screening  photo of Lions Club member with children


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