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Important information about lockdown drills at the MS

on October 14, 2016

Dear WVMS Parents and Guardians,

The safety and security of our students remains a top priority of our school and district.

Through the collaboration between our Building Emergency Response Team, Warwick Police and Fire departments and security specialists, we continue to reevaluate and perfect our emergency procedures. In addition to fire drills, we will complete at least four lockdown drills per year, with the first one carried out by the end of October.

The purpose of any repeated emergency drill is to create a routine that students can follow during an event that may cause elevated stress or apprehension. Our faculty and staff will again review lockdown and emergency procedures with our students in the coming weeks. Students will be reminded of the different commands given during an emergency situation and the actions that they can take, including where to go and how to conduct themselves, to ensure their safety. After each drill, we take time to review successes and areas that require improvement.

Please review with your child the importance and seriousness of practice drills. If you happen to be in the school building during an emergency drill, please follow the same procedures that staff and students are expected to follow. During a lockdown drill (approximately fifteen minutes), no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building. If you arrive at the school during an emergency drill, please return to your car until the drill is over, while taking care to not block any entrances or doors.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure school environment that allows our students to thrive comfortably. Our student’s safety requires the cooperation and commitment of the entire school community. We truly appreciate your support in helping us achieve the goal of total security for every student in our school and district.


Lisamarie Spindler
WVMS Principal



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