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HS & MS baseball players educated about health dangers of chewing tobacco

on April 3, 2017

Chewing tobacco presentation for baseball players

The use of tobacco – especially chewing tobacco – has been a part of baseball culture for many decades. In the “old days” players were even seen with cigarettes and chewing tobacco on the playing field.

Times have changed. Now, tobacco use is clearly linked to serious illness and death from cancer.Chewing tobacco presentation for baseball players

In an effort to educate WVCSD scholastic baseball players about the cancer-causing health effects of using smokeless tobacco, an Chewing tobacco presentation for baseball playersinformational presentation was held for Warwick High School and Middle School Varsity, Jr. Varsity and Modified baseball players on March 29 in the WVHS Media Center.

Chewing tobacco presentation for baseball playersAfter an introduction by Coach Sirico, student-athletes viewed a video about the late Major League baseball player, Tony Gwynn, whose death was the result of oral cancer caused by years of using chewing tobacco, also known as smokeless tobacco.

Chewing tobacco presentation for baseball players Chewing tobacco presentation for WVCSD baseball playersStudent-athletes then heard presentations about the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco from several Warwick coaches and athletic trainers:

  • Greg Sirico – WVCSD Athletic Director
  • Dennis McLaughlin – Assistant Varsity Coach, former Warwick baseball player (WVHS Class of 1991) and former member of the MLB Boston Red Sox Organization
  • Sue Abel – WVCSD Athletic Trainer
  • Eric Rosa – WVHS Physical Education teacher and JV Gold Baseball Coach
  • Chuck Todd – Varsity Baseball Coach and former member of the MLB Cleveland Indians Organization

Each coach emphasized the same important message for the student-athletes: the smartest way to avoid these health dangers is to not start using chewing tobacco – and if you already chew it, quit as soon as possible.

Ms. Abel showed a Powerpoint presentation about the dangerous and deadly health effects of chewing tobacco, including information about:

  • How addictive chewing tobacco is
  • The several poisonous ingredients in chewing tobacco
  • The different types of oral cancer caused by chewing tobacco

Now that the harmful effects of tobacco use are well known and documented, some new regulations in the world of baseball have been put into place.

The session concluded with information from the WVCSD Code of Conduct about the penalties – including suspension from school – of tobacco or chewing tobacco use on school property or while participating in school athletics.





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