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Hatching praying mantises has benefits!

on May 24, 2017

Newly hatched praying mantisesStudents with their teacher releasing praying mantises outsidea praying mantis up closeKindergarten students at Park Avenue were recently able to witness 75-200 baby mantises, or nymphs, miraculously emerge from a praying mantis egg case!

They then helped release the baby mantises into the world, where the prehistoric-looking insects help us humans out by eating aphids or fruit flies, crickets, mosquitos, spiders and small larvae.

Releasing them in a garden is best!

Praying mantises take between 3-8 weeks to hatch, and emerge when they sense the temperature is warm enough outside. They are fascinating predators; they can turn their heads 180 degrees and their excellent eyesight detects movement up to 60 feet away!

Through this experience, the kindergartners honed their powers of observation and learned about the lifecycle of a praying mantis, how they help us by eating bugs, and about their predatory instincts.


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