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Google Meet Professional Development

Please click on the links below to help you learn more about Google Meet. 

3 Ways to Setup a Google Meet

Scheduling a Google Meet in the Calendar

Using Google Meet with Google Classroom

How to share your screen and see your students at the same time

A paper “cheat sheet” to Google Meet

Google Meet How-to for Students

Using Google Meet to Call home

How to use the Web paint extension in Google Meet

How to record a Google Meet

We have set up a schedule for the week of June 8th so you can also learn more about the instructional technology the District has.

High School and Middle School Schedule

Park Avenue Schedule

Sanfordville Schedule

If you would like some in-person help- feel free to “book”. the ITF of your building for a small group  session or one on one sessions: 

Amanda Melican- Park Avenue

Brittni Aberasturi – Sanfordvile

Yvonne Koulikov- Middle School and High School