Thank you, teachers


Thank you, teachers

June 12, 2017

Fourth-graders thank their elementary teachers as they get ready to start middle school

Students in Mrs. Kuzmiak’s fourth-grade class at Park Avenue reflected on their elementary years after their recent visit to the middle school. They developed a “padlet” to say a final thank you to those who made a difference to them.

Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board that allows teachers and students to work collaboratively. It can be used by teachers to collect ideas, brainstorm with students, and more. Students can access it for free with any device, and teachers can allow students to contribute to a project anonymously, or ask them to initial or add a name to their contributions. See three of the many notes below, and visit to see more!


Gabi with Thank You sign

Gabi thanks Ms. Berghahn

Thank You Ms. Berghahn:

Before I leave Park Avenue I would like to say thank you for being my first Park Avenue teacher. You helped me through my troubles. You are the best first grade teacher! I also liked how you loved pirates. I like them too! This might be my last year at school, but I will always remember you!


Amanda with a Thank You sign

Thank you Mr. Dinoto

Thank You Mr. Dinoto!:

Before I leave for the middle school I want to say thank you. Thank you for being the funniest, the best, and the most amazing teacher ever. When I leave I will miss your 100 crazy and colorful ties. I remember you made a huge turkey out of all of your crazy ties.  When I was in your class one of your favorite shows was Wheel of Fortune. One day I came in your classroom and I found a big wheel that you made to look like the one in Wheel of Fortune. I loved your amazing and funny stories that you always told. Hopefully every year at least one student gave you M&Ms. M&Ms were your favorite candy and they were mine too! Thank you for teaching me every thing I learned in 2nd grade. I will miss you and every one of your crazy stories and ties when I leave.   
From your favorite student,


Danny says Thank You

Danny says Thank You to Mrs. Kuzmiak

Thank You Mrs.Kuzmiak:

Before I don’t have the time to say good bye I would like to say thank you. We have done many projects. I still remember the bracelet that you gave me on the first day of school. You say fun facts everyday. I like doing the 26 day countdown. Every time I walk into your classroom I get inspired. I had lots of fun in your class, with the projects and activities we have done. I will miss you!



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