Exploring wind as a renewable energy source:


Exploring wind as a renewable energy source:

January 14, 2016

WVHS Engineering Club students building wind turbine to create electricity.

Students use drill to build turbindeThe dozen or so students who belong to the high school’s engineering club like solving problems and enjoy the hands-on learning the club provides. They work on projects that interest them, like renewable energy.

The students are currently building a wind turbine to create electricity, using parts from an old bicycle (donated by the police department) and PVC piping.

The Engineering Club meets once a week after school, and is led by high school technology teacher Mike Stolt (Robotics and Engineering,) and high school teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist Yvonne Koulikov.



Club advisor helps students build turbine                        students upcycle old bike parts to build turbine                        Club advisor works with students on engineering project


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