Warwick schools continue to focus on enhancing teaching and learning 


Warwick schools continue to focus on enhancing teaching and learning 

October 17, 2019

Warwick Valley Central School District plans to look outside and within as it continues to develop innovative, project based learning practices that will prepare students for their future contributions in life, work and citizenship.

The district’s charge to enhance teaching and learning is on the fast track, thanks in part to its membership to the Tri-State Consortium, a prestigious educational group that will support the district’s strategic plan to enhance student performance.

Consortium members support each other through external peer review of programs and practices, study groups, conferences and topic-based seminars designed to deepen professional learning.

A blue triangle with white words that say student performance, internal support and external support.

Districts from the consortium’s alliance say they find that the consortium’s consultancy visits and abundance of resources have helped them create a more dynamic curriculum. 

During the consultancy visit, the consortium will examine the district using an assessment model that will identify how Warwick’s resources, processes and planning can be aligned to produce higher-quality student performance. This assessment model encompasses staff development, supervision and evaluation, instructional practice, community relations and annual and long-term planning tools. The model echoes the Warwick Valley Central School District’s belief that high-performing districts can and must improve continuously.

The district looks forward to welcoming a team from the consortium for a consultancy visit within the next year. 

In the meantime, district representatives will have the opportunity through their membership to visit Tri-State member districts to learn more about techniques that may boost and sustain improvement in student performance.

Takeaways from the district’s membership with the Tri-State Consortium will be applied to #TheirFuture, Warwick Valley’s multi-year, district-wide initiative which aims to redesign the district’s curriculum so that it is more hands on, relevant, experimental and derived from the feedback of the entire school community.


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