Presentation notes from the WVHS College Kickoff available online


Presentation notes from the WVHS College Kickoff available online

September 20, 2019

The WVHS guidance department held its College Kickoff event on Sept. 19 as a way to help students and their families understand the student-counselor relationship during the college application process. Notes from the presentation are below.

College Applications

  • Do not use student school email for college applications. The school email only allows email from others in
  • College applications are the responsibility of the student.  Parents may want to proofread applications, but the student should be the one completing the application.
  • College applications are available online at individual school websites.  Each school will have information regarding their application requirements.
  • Visit for all four and two year SUNY schools as well as some SUNY community colleges.
  • Over 700 schools accept the common application (
  • Students need to be aware that there may be supplemental forms, essays, or specific documents requested to be sent with the application.
  • A copy of the completed application, essays, or other documentation should be made prior to submitting/mailing the application to the school.


  • Warwick uses Naviance ( to manage the College Application Process. Students are expected to update prospective and active applications lists and complete surveys, the pre-application packet for students, the pre-application packet for parents and request letters of recommendation
  • Students may login to Naviance using their student email. The password is: wvcsd + 6 digit student id

Student responsibilities include

  • requesting teacher recommendations (in-person & in Naviance)
  • filling out the pre-application packet
  • moving colleges from “I’m thinking about” to “Colleges I’m Applying to”
  •  “matching” Naviance and Common App (must first complete FERPA in Common App)
  • completing college applications; Common Application, SUNY, CUNY, direct to college.
  • essays
  • application deadlines
  • sending SAT/ACT/AP Scores to Colleges
  • submitting Transcript Request Form
  • printed form to counselor TWO WEEKS prior to app deadline.
  • parent signature

School counselor responsibilities include

  • presentations and individual Naviance assistance
  • post-high school planning
  • reviewing student-entered information in Naviance
  • preparing school documents and other information required by college admission offices. 
  • school profile
  • teacher recommendations and multiple other supporting school documents.
  • counselor recommendation (if required)
  • current transcript
  • submitting mid-year grades once first semester grades are final.
  • submitting final transcript after graduation.

Sample list of documents sent by your School Counselor

  • Transcript: Transcript Request Forms are available on guidance website and in guidance office; requires parent signature
  • School Profile
  • Secondary School Report Form
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Teacher Evaluation Forms

Official/Initial High School Transcript

  • It is a record of all of the courses that have been taken during high school, including failed courses and summer school courses.  They are ent to colleges directly from school counseling office.
  • Students’ three-year class rank and three-year GPA is listed.
  • Students’ Regents scores and final exam grades are included.
  • It also shows senior year courses in progress.
  • Standardized test scores (SAT’s, ACT’s, AP’s) ARE NOT included on your high school transcript.

Transcript Request Form

  • A Transcript Request Form must be completed for each college that you have applied.
  • Once the completed form has been received by your school counselor the process of sending your official transcript and other supporting materials will begin.  Forms must be submitted to the counselor at least two weeks before the deadline.
  • Forms are available in the guidance office and on the school website.

Teacher Recommendations

  • Your student should choose teachers (at least 2) with whom they have developed a positive relationship and whom they have shown a strong work ethic. 
  • Requests for letters should come from students in person.
  • Students must also submit an electronic letter of recommendation request in Naviance.  If a letter is from an individual outside the school, the student or recommender should submit the letter to their school counselor.
  • Students should complete the “Pre-application packet for seniors” in Naviance and/or a resume or activity list; this provides a larger picture for the writer to work with. 
  • Students should give teachers a month or greater to complete their letter.

School Counselor Letter of Recommendation

  • Most colleges request a letter of recommendation from your School Counselor.
  • Our expertise in preparing letters of recommendation is just another facet of our college counseling skills.
  • We stay connected with you throughout your high school years for this moment!  Connecting with your counselor gives us knowledge of your attributes that are separate from your academic abilities.  A recommendation letter from your School Counselor may complete your application.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Waiver

  • In order for your counselor to send your school documents electronically to the Common App, this form must be completed.
  • Create a Common Application account
  • In the application you’ll be asked if you want to waive the right to see your confidential letters of recommendation.  Waiving your right let’s colleges know that you do not intend to read your letters of recommendation which reassures them that the letters are candid and truthful.

Standardized Test Scores

  • Students send scores directly from the testing agency to each college they are applying too.
  • SAT and AP scores from College Board:, cumulative report
  • ACT scores from ACT:, separate report per each test date


  • Students should author their own essays, parents are welcome to proofread (if your student desires), but the final product should be the students.
  • Encourage your student to start early and to follow the directions, topic choices and deadlines.
  • If your student does not seek your opinion, encourage them to seek the opinion of someone they respect for feedback.
  • Students should focus on being genuine in their essay
  • Some essays require that part A and part B be completed, help your student check the packet before the final documents are submitted.

NCAA Eligibility Center

  • The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies whether a prospective college athlete is eligible to play sports at Division I or II institutions.
  • Initial-eligibility standards help ensure you are prepared to succeed in college. If you want to practice, compete and receive an athletics scholarship during your first year at a Division I or II school, the NCAA Eligibility Center must certify you as eligible.’
  • Students must register online at and request that a transcript be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.  The WVHS CEEB Code is 335790.

What makes you eligible?

  • Complete a certain number of high school core courses
  • Earn a certain minimum GPA in these core courses
  • Earn a certain minimum score on the SAT or ACT
  • Graduate from high school


  • All Local Scholarship information is available on the district’s website. There, you will also find the Universal Scholarship Application Packet  (USAP) and the Release of Information Form.
  • Local Scholarships are broken down into three categories:  Warwick, Orange County and New York State.

Local Scholarships

  • The local scholarship process begins Mid-January.
  • Use the WVHS webpage and Naviance to determine which scholarships are appropriate for you.
  • Make copies of all scholarship applications and other pertinent information.
  • Incomplete scholarship applications WILL NOT be submitted to the scholarship committee.
  • Scholarship application deadline(s) are YOUR responsibility.
  • The RIF must be handed into guidance 2 WEEKS before the scholarship application deadline.
  • Keep checking WVHS website ans Naviance for new and updated scholarships.
  • Keep checking carousel in guidance when Special Applications are released

Important Information for students taking AP exams

  • Each AP course has a corresponding exam administered at WVHS in May 2020. This exam is a course requirement and is necessary to receive an AP score from the College Board. Students must register online, and the cost per exam is $98.00.
  • Online registration opened Sept. 16 and ends Nov. 8.
  • To register, students should click on the link provided on the school website or visit
  • To register, students must answer ALL of the required questions. Registration is not complete until payment is made. To avoid errors, we strongly recommend that the student and a parent BOTH be present while registering to ensure that the correct exam(s) are ordered.
  • There are two options for payment: online with debit/credit card OR via check/money order mailed to Total Registration. The address is on the payment slip you print and mail in with your payment.

Important dates for the registration process:

  • Sept. 16 – Friday, Nov. 8:  Registration period
  • Nov. 15:  Last day to cancel an exam and receive a full refund
  • Nov. 15 – March 6: Late registration period. Exam cost PLUS $40.00 late fee
  • May 31: Last day to cancel an exam with a cancellation fee of $40.00

Upcoming Events

  • All year: College representative visits; check Naviance and register
  • Sept. 24: LATE registration deadline for Oct. 5 SAT
  • Sept. 24-26 and Oct. 1-3: College Application workshops in room 151 during Unit Lunch
  • Oct. 5: SAT at WVHS at 7:45 a.m.
  • Oct. 10: WVHS College Fair at 12:40 p.m.
  • Nov. 8: AP registration deadline and ACT registration deadline for December test at WVHS
  • Dec. 14: ACT at WVHS at 7:45 a.m.
  • Dec. TBD: ASVAB test administration
  • Jan. – May: Local Scholarship opportunities


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