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Class of 2017 Senior Projects represent diverse interests of participants

on January 19, 2017

High school teachers shake hands with students

James Cromwell

Actor James Cromwell


On December 17, 12th-grade students who have chosen to participate in Senior Project shared their project ideas and research topics during the annual Formal Announcement Ceremony.

The guest speaker at this year’s ceremony was actor James Cromwell, perhaps best known for his Oscar-nominated performance in the 1995 movie, “Babe.”

Mr. Cromwell spoke to the students about his own journey in finding his true passion, and lauded the students’ efforts in embarking on Senior Project to discover their own passion.

Learn more about the nationally recognized Senior Project program at WVHS



As announced at the December ceremony, the Senior Projects and research topics for this year are:

  • Carrie Bautista
    Project: 5k fundraiser
    Research: How exercise positively effects people mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • Casey Brozowski
    Project: Writing a Novella
    Research: Importance of Classic literature in classroom
  • Ryan Cartwright  
    Project: Building a wooden telescope
    Research: Importance of telescope in culture, technology, and our understanding of the universe
  • Bryan Currao
    Project: Building a table and benches with traditional construction and no fasteners
    Research: Why the skilled labor force is declining in America
  • Gene Decker
    Project: Organizing a basketball tournament to raise money for the American Cancer Society
    Research: How tobacco advertisement increases the chances of kids smoking when they get older
  • Olivia DiCostanzo
    Project: Creating a photojournalism book
    Research: The effect of a human touch
  • Kayla Downs
    Project: Learning karate for female self defense
    Research: The symptoms and effects of victims of “Battered Women Syndrome”
  • Rebecca Garloch
    Project: Writing a book
    Research: Treatment of CRPS in America versus European countries
  • Sara Graff
    Project: Organizing Self esteem awareness week
    Research: How self esteem issues as a child lead to eating disorders as an adult
  • Daniel Guddemi
    Project: Developing a website
    Research: How quantum computers are going to replace current computers
  • Rebekah Guddemi
    Project: Creating an activity for a child with a speech impairment
    Research: Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Caroline Huey
    Project: Rehabilitation of mistreated and abused dogs; working on legislation to act upon puppy mills
    Research: Legislation of puppy mills
  • Mollie Jamieson
    Project: Creating my own make-up
    Research: How self esteem effects people in their daily lives
  • Luke Kowalsky
    Project: Building an RC car from scratch
    Research: The future impact of autonomous vehicles on society
  • Andrew Lasso
    Project: Create and execute a business plan
    Research: Benefits of purchasing from local small businesses in your community
  • Juliet Lepre
    Project: Learn American Sign Language (ASL) and sign at the Sanfordville Elementary Chorus Concert
    Research: Benefits of learning ASL for deaf and hearing people
  • Grace Littell
    Project: Fundraising video for Beautiful people organization
    Research: Can people with downs syndrome live a successful life
  • Grace Magee
    Project: Raising money for mental heath awareness and creating a visual representation of the most common mental health issues in schools in the form of a book
    Research: Mental health awareness in schools
  • Cassidy Marcolini
    Project: Raising money for pediatric cancer by holding tournaments at school; funds raised will buy toys for the pediatric cancer wing at Maria Farari Hospital; personally deliver toys
    Research: How pediatric cancer is underfunded
  • Michael Martiniello
    Project: Computer Table
    Research: Why fiber optics should be the new household standard instead of cat 5
  • Katherine McCullough
    Project: Making 30 dresses out of donated fabrics and sending them to girls in Uganda
    Research: We should be concerned about the conditions of how and where the products we buy are made.
  • Daniella Micallef
    Project: Valentines day fundraiser for Special Olympics team The Thunderbolts; constructing an obstacle course for them as well in April
    Research: TBA
  • Jessica Miller
    Project: One act play
    Research: Schools should put more funding into theater programs; the positive effects of theater on children
  • Brianna Pawlak
    Project: Healthy affordable meal-planning for today’s lifestyle for families with different needs
    Research: Different theories behind autism
  • Ahmya Phillips
    Project: Encouraging sophomore girls to practice “thrifting” and organizing a student-based fashion show exhibiting up-cycled thrifted items collected by me and the girls
    Project: The environmental, social, and personal impacts of second-hand shopping
  • Thomas Phipps
    Project: 90-day full-body transformation
    Research: Causes and effects of obesity in children
  • Jessica Pinelli
    Project: Walk for Autism fundraiser
    Research: The employment with people who have Autism in the workplace
  • Kylie Quinn
    Project: Repairing a 4-cylinder engine head
    Research: Why it might actually be more green to drive an older car than a newer car
  • Sabrina Rice
    Project: Creating costumes for the high school drama club production of “42nd Street”
    Research: Should american consumers be concerned with conditions of factory workers?
  • Antonio Rivera
    Project: Producing a charity concert
    Research: The psychological and cultural impact music has on our daily lives
  • Bailey Schmidlin
    Project: Learning how to blow glass
    Research: Why modern art is just as important as classic art
  • Raina Searle
    Project: Writing a realistic fiction novel
    Research: The effects of PTSD resulting from non-military incidents
  • Gursimar Singh
    Project: Learning American Sign Language; working with a speech therapist
    Research: The debate regarding cochlear implants
  • Eliana Ulloa
    Project: Writing a one act play
    Research: The lack of diversity in traditional theatre
  • Tyler Van Dunk
    Project: Welding a bench
    Research: The necessity of vocational jobs in the U.S.
  • Jillian Wagner
    Project: Creating an art exhibition
    Research: How censorship takes away from the meaning art tries to convey
  • Kai Whitehead
    Project: Writing a book of poetry
    Research: How schools ineffectively handle mental illness 


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