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Bricks 4 Kidz: Students at Park Avenue learn about machines and build scaled models

on October 21, 2016
What do machines do? What can we learn about machines while playing with Legos?

Park Ave student uses Legos to build a machine

Park Avenue Elementary students in all grades had an opportunity to answer these questions while participating in the Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® program.

One-hour lessons began with an introduction to the concept, evolution and role of machines—those seen and used in the students’ everyday life, as well as those less visible and familiar. Using the conveyor-belt as a model, students learned how a modification of that machine—the step-conveyor—evolved into assembly lines and revolutionized factory work.

Following the presentation, students worked in teams and used their grade-level math and science skills to build a conveyor model with LEGO® bricks, following simple step-by-step instructions. During the activity, students were exposed to new terms and concepts such as motor, gears, axles, bushings, modification, incline, friction, torque, and alignment.

While working in teams to solve problems, students were also exercising patience, learning to share and discuss different ideas, resolving conflict, and being responsible for completing a project as a group.

The Brick 4 Kidz program capitalizes on the familiarity and popularity of LEGO® bricks to engage students in hands-on learning. While exploring engineering, architecture and physics concepts with kit components, students use problem solving and critical thinking skills, express themselves creatively and develop an appreciation for the way things work.

The Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® program was sponsored by Park Avenue PTA.

Parent volunteer helps two Park Ave students build a conveyor belt with Legos. Park Ave students build a conveyor belt out of Legos. Park Ave students build a conveyor belt out of Legos. Park Ave students build a conveyor belt out of Legos.



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