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Sanfordville Elementary Drama Club brings Willy Wonka Jr. to the High School Stage!

on January 8, 2018

The Sanfordville Elementary School Drama Club is proud to present Willy Wonka Jr!
The cast and crew of 60 students are ready to take their production to the “big stage” at Warwick Valley High School, with two weekend performances. Showtimes are:

  • The Willy Wonka Jr. show logo, with showtimes: 7 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. Saturday.  Tickets are $6Friday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. 
  • Saturday, Jan.  13 at 1 p.m. 

Tickets are $6 and are available at the door for both performances.

A word of thanks from the directors:

Directors Taylyn Carter and Lauren Hughes are extremely excited to kick off their very first Drama Club production and are extremely grateful for the support and collaboration from the Sanfordville community.
“Mrs. Maraia, our building principal, has supported us the entire way, and our PTA helps fund and support the production and has provided us with a great mentor in Joan Dunn,” Ms. Carter said.
“we’ve had tremendous support from parents and family members who have worked tirelessly on our sets, costumes, and production,” Ms. Hughes added. Ms. Carter and Ms. Hughes both hope to see the continued support of the arts throughout the community.

Student Reflections

Drama Club members had a wonderful time bringing the story of  Willy Wonka’s magical candy factory to life. Here, several cast members share their thoughts:

Aveline Gujar (Willy Wonka) – “I like the singing and the acting that we are doing. Being Willy Wonka means that you have a chance of doing anything you want to if you just believe in it. I’ve enjoyed being in the play because at first I thought it would be a lot of pressure having a main role, but drama has helped my confidence.”

Owen Machingo (Grandpa Joe) – “I’ve enjoyed rehearsals and getting better at each song and scene. The best part for me is when I get to “fly” with Emmerson (Charlie). Being Grandpa Joe has meant a lot to me because he reminds me of my own Pop-pop because he’s funny, he cares a lot about his grandson and he’s a great burper!”

Arianna Weinberg (Violet Beauregarde) – “This is my fourth show and this time I am performing with some of my close friends. I am excited for my family and friends to see the show and how far my singing and acting skills have come. I have really liked bringing Violet to life.”

Logan Nagel (Phineous Trout) – “I like that Drama Club is fun and we get to be on stage. I’ve learned a lot about being on stage, like to never turn your back to the audience! I am looking forward to having a great show!”

Cayden Honerkamp (Mike Teavee) – “ I’ve learned from my character that if you are spoiled nothing good will come out of it. Also, that you shouldn’t play too many video games because you will miss all the things going on around you. I’ve enjoyed being in drama club because I have always wanted to act and it is fun!”

Amanda Larsen (Mrs. Bucket) – “It’s fun getting to be a mom while playing the part of Mrs.Bucket. I have enjoyed trying something new while getting to stay after school and hang out with my friends. I am looking forward to dressing up and performing in front of my friends and family.”


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