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Rhame Ave. ES

Rhame Ave. Elementary School, part of the East Rockaway School District

Library Collection from Pine Island Elementary School to be loaned to Rhame Ave. Elementary School in East Rockaway

Collection will replace books lost during Superstorm Sandy

Jan. 31, 2013 – Representatives from the Warwick Valley Central School District in Warwick, NY will present a full elementary library collection of books, 50 boxes in all, to the Rhame Avenue Elementary School in East Rockaway on Fri., Feb. 1. Rhame Ave. Elementary, a part of the East Rockaway School District, was severely damaged during Superstorm Sandy.

Making the journey from the Hudson Valley will be students who attended the now closed Pine Island Elementary School as well as teachers, administrators and staff. The school was closed in 2011 due to budget constraints and decreased enrollment, and the books being loaned to
the East Rockaway Elementary school are from the Pine Island school
library collection.

former Pine Island Elementary students in front of truck with library book collection

Former Pine Island Elementary School students in front of truck carrying library books to Rhame Ave. Elementary in East Rockaway. Click photo to view larger. 

The loan of the books is more than a gesture of goodwill. Like the Rockaways, the Pine Island area was also affected by hardship. Hurricane Irene caused major damage to this part of the Warwick community in 2011 and the closing of Pine Island Elementary School later that same year was painful for all involved.

Being able to lend the collection to the Rhame Ave. Elementary School Library is gratifying for those who experienced the loss of Pine Island Elementary School. Knowing the books will be read, appreciated and loved by children who have been through so much is very meaningful to the Warwick community.